Studies in Visual Arts at Universidad de Chile, Facultad de Artes.

As a independent filmartist, she makes 16mm films since 2001 that circulate primarily in a non-fiction film context and art galleries. Her films have been exhibited in many festivals and venues including; Centro de Bellas Artes Madrid, S8 Mostra de Cinema Perisférico, l-e Tokyo Japan, New York Film Festival,  Rotterdam FF Spektrum, Images Film Festival Toronto, Media City FIlm Festival Ontario Canada, Arsenal-Berlin, Ourense Film Festival, Festival Punto de Vista Pamplona, CGAI Centro Gallego de Artes da Imaxe, Xcèntric CCCB Barcelona, Palais de Glace Buenos Aires, Festival Internacional de Valdivia, Videoex Zürich, and many others.



ongoing project (2005-)
16 mm, color/BW, silent. Duration of one ENVÍO: some seconds to several minutes.

Proceso hacia una película/Process for a film.

Improvisación en 16mm 
16mm viewer editor performances


ongoing project (2014-)
Puchuncaví, an area located at the Pacific coast northwest to Santiago de Chile, 
was a native american site - a southern terminal of the Inca road system -, 
and for some reasons the complicated structures of what we call a 'site' has 
kept haunting Puchuncaví.
Puchuncaví originally derives from Mapudungún and reads as something 
like 'where fiestas abound' refering to the tradition of the native fiestas. 
This is in contrast to a more recent industrial development of the area that 
includes copper refineries, steam power plants and a lading port.

The lading port could be regarded as the intersection of the site Puchuncaví.

16mm, color and BW, silent, 11'45" 2012

A cut into the strata of history I.

Double exposure of photographies of Kawéskar natives in Berlin 1881 
and the Zoological Garden (2011).
A Greater Rhea from Tierra del Fuego at Berlin Zoological Garden.
Bathers in the monument of Fuente Alemana in Santiago de Chile.
Searching for the Kawéskar natives' both persisting and invisible traces in Berlin.

Personal archive
16mm, color and BW

16mm, color and BW, silent, 20" 2011

Film shots and sound recordings over the course of one month in a remote 
mountain village in Liguria.
I do not work with the illusion of the synchronisation of image and sound, 
but with the idea that these 2 dimensions do exist as realities independant 
of each other, and as such do in fact emerge in our consciousness.
The world in Villatalla is not showcased but simply lived. 
The few remaining inhabitants pursue the few remaining work. 
Social life happens in a beautiful slowness of the present.

10'25'', 16 mm, color/b/w, silent.
Filmed in East End, London.


ongoing project (2001- )
Filmed continuously since 2001 in El Cortijo, 
Santiago de Chile.
Several fragments, 16mm, color and b&w, silent.